Wednesday, December 15, 2004

some interesting reads...

... while surfing the net for images:

Psychicpants gives some farewell commentary on the late Da King.

One of my high school teachers gives us a taste of his poetry skills.

Minda gives me an update of her recent adventures.

Pixellemafia ranting out.

I cannot believe how weird pinoys are over FPJ's death.


Julian Alejandro said...

if u really think about it, it's not weird. it's normal. a great cultural icon has just died.

wanderlust junkie said...

Ok, so he's a cultural icon and all that, but i really don't understand how so much criticism was given to him when he was alive and yet now that he's dead people, esp. his enemies are flocking around singing his praises. :-P

Then again, that's just my observation. he is Da King, after all.

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